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September 8, 2013

Vinyl fencing

Garden fences are important in securing your lawns from pests and deers. Fences also help in keeping your pets and children inside the gardens. There are many kinds of decorative garden fencing available in the market which not only make your garden look attractive but help in protecting your lawns. The fences are made of different materials, the most popular materials include wood, vinyl, steel, metal, wrought iron, aluminum.
Vinyl fences are very popular among users as it is durable, cheaper and long lasting as compared to other material fences. It can withstand different climatic conditions and do not need maintenance. Vinyl fencing comes in many colors and styles. The material of the vinyl fence is really tough and it can easily bear a lot of beating by livestock animals, also the scratches, stains do not show up on vinyl fences due to its material and color.

Installation of a Vinyl Fence
1. Measure the area needed to be fenced and calculate approximately how much material you need.
2. Buy poles and a vinyl fence for installation
3. To move around the plants freely, leave some room between the plants and the fence
4. Mark the areas where post is to be inserted and measure distance between the poles, to make sure the hardware and vinyl section will adjust.
5. Use spade to dig even holes for your fence posts
6. Fill the holes with mud or cement after installing the posts
7. Put the vinyl sections between the posts and attach them with the available hardware.

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