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December 20, 2012

Styling spring and summer

In the bright and cheery season of spring, the dull colors of the winters must be done away with. It is time for enhancing the bubbly side to your personality! Get in the florals and the pastels. Communicate with the myriad accessories and create a style of your own! Whether it is pants or pastel shirts, mix and match to bring out the freshness that spring ushers in.

Trending currently are styles and designs that combine neutrals tones and pastel shades to form a contrast. The accessories, though, are the special ingredients that complete the spring wardrobe. Matching the bright tone of pastels with metallic bracelets, chains or earrings creates the most soothing sense of style. Opting for shiny shoes or pretty sunglasses enhances the cute outfits. Enter summer and the time has arrived for silk pants and scalloped tops. It is the colors and hues that matter though. Whether opting for bold prints in summer colors, or a solid button-up blouse, it is the shade that decides what mood to set for the gathering.

Spring and summer bring in the time for playing with the accessories. So go all out, get creative, get stylish with the myriad choices that these happy seasons have to offer.

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