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September 10, 2013

Sites like chatroulette

The popularity of chat messengers which provided you an option to exchange text messages with someone located maybe in another continent has been revolutionized by the onset of video chatting websites which have brought the next best thing to personal interaction into the comfort of your living rooms. Initiation of this trend by Chatroulette saw the rise of many competitors in the industry that provided exactly the same or better and advanced features of video chatting including roulette applications, cam to cam or even social networking options. These sites like chatroulette see tones and thousands of people visiting their websites to connect to random strangers throughout the day.

Networking has taken the world by storm and online networking is the thing of now. Having a network of connections on a video chatting website was an idea not heard of till a few years ago but now worldwide there are many video chatting websites that let you do just that. For budding video stars that are looking for ways to test their video ideas, they can live stream their videos to get live feedback fro people all over the world. This is the next big thing and it is here to stay.

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