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October 22, 2013

Corn casserole recipe

he so called evolved methods of cooking have no doubt worked wonders on the account of saving us tons of time while cooking but we in the process of doing so have lost control over preserving nutrition of the food that we are cooking. Imagine if the simple task of making something edible takes out all the goodness that nature wanted to provide us with in the first place. This seems really pointless. The best way to preserve the natural goodness without having to eat anything raw is perhaps the method of baking.

It is a well known fact that other methods often reduce the health content of food whereas baking preserves it and adds to the taste too. The portion of my life that I spend cooking in my kitchen has changed a lot over the past years as I have taken up baking in a big way. The first time I mentioned this to my mother, she thought I was going to bake cakes and pastries and then I had to convince her that there is much more than that to baking. My oven is a tool that I can use to make delicacies as well as every day recipes like a corn casserole recipe.

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